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Bhaktapur is undeniably one of the great historic cities of South Asia. Travellers and guests find its temples, squares and traditions, an endless source of fascination. Dining in Khwapa Chhen captures the glorious era of Bhaktapur’s cultural heritage in every way. The gourmandise comprises of traditional Nepalese flavours, tantalizing local delicacies (like the famous Bhaktapur curd – Juju Dhau) as well as top international cuisines. Fine selection of drinks from the hotel’s bar are available at your asking.

Enjoy meals at the highest floor of the hotel with a captivating view of the Bhaktapur Durbar Square, accompanied with soothing sound of chirping birds, classical music and soulful prayer chants by the locals in regular intervals during the day. Spend the evening with cocktails by the artistically carved vintage wooden widows. Enjoy a romantic candle-lit dinner at the balcony under the star light skies and architectural beauty.

Khwapa Chhen’s third floor restaurant is one of the favourite spot for our guests – be it with office colleagues, friends or family. Great fresh beer, mouth-watering finger food that is deliciously prepared, prompt service by pleasant staff and amazing music makes it the favourite chill out joint to unwind. Sitting on the floor, relaxing and enjoying the local delicacies really gives an exotic and unique experience.

The rooftop restaurant is so breezy that one could easily spend hours. The panoramic view is certainly more than picture perfect. Words are not enough to describe enchanting view from the rooftop. Anytime is a good time here, either a blissful morning, a warm serene afternoon, a romantic evening or a starry spectacular night; the rooftop restaurant is crown of glory at Khwapa Chhen.